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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 22, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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with sean spicer and reince priebus up next. stay with us. ♪ never be the same. don't miss "hannity"'s exclusive tonight. >> bret: a fox news alert. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. a daily siege from an aggressive hostile news media has forced out sean spicer as press secretary and seen wall street patent anthony scaramucci as the new communications director. sarah huckabee sanders, spoke a short time ago with sean hannity with the "hannity" program tonight. so sean spicer. we have howard kurtz, first to chief white house correspondents on the north lawn. good evening. >> good evening. we know the president has wanted to shake up these communication
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teams. what happened today was more like an earthquake. a shakeup in the communications team with the long expected but the speed and tumbled that marked this transition was a surprise. anthony scaramucci named communications director, sean spicer resigning. >> he wanted to bring some new folks in to help wrap up the communications operation and after reflection, my decision was to recommend to the president that i give anthony and sarah a clean slate. to speak of the transition happened to less than hours. scaramucci talk to the president saying he wanted to take over communications. after a night of reported strong opposition steve bannon and reince priebus, scaramucci came to the white house this morning and the president gave him the herculean task of manning a ship.
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>> the ship is going in the right direction. most entrepreneurs -- what good entrepreneurs do, they start the day and they go through the process. navy seals will tell you if you want to eat an elephant, you have to eat it one bite at a time. >> sarah huckabee sanders becomes press secretary. scaramucci and reince priebus who feuded during the early days of the administration, they appear to now have. the hatchet. priebus saying he's 100% on board with scaramucci's appointment. the speaker we are a little bit like brothers. a lot of people have brothers answer you get that. he's a dear friend. >> scaramucci takes over the calm communication spot. a commander in chief who keeps stepping all over his huge message with tweets and interviews.
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a source close to president trump's legal team denied a report that the president has been asking about pardons for himself and his family. the source told fox news there's nothing to discuss. he can pardon whoever he likes. in testimony before congress last month, attorney general jeff sessions wouldn't talk about it. >> to your knowledge, have any department of justice officials been involved with conversations about any possibility of presidential pardons about any of the individuals involved with the russian investigation? >> mr. chairman, i'm not able to comment on conversations within the white house. >> the source also strongly disputed -- sifting through the backgrounds looking for conflict of interest. the president tells a different story. in interviews, the casting doubt on the impartiality of the mueller investigation. >> the people that have been
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hired have been all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. the whole thing is ridiculous. >> the senior administration official tells fox news that scaramucci's appointment and spicer's departure might just be the first shoe to drop here at the white house. the step by setbacks that will not go away, the president may be looking to make more changes. james. >> james: john roberts on another jam packed day the white house. the spicer era may not have lasted for very long but it was by any measure eventful. fox news media analyst howard kurtz takes a look at the highs and lows. >> these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> from his first day in the briefing room, sean spicer was delivering the president's message. ripping the press. >> the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable, i am here to tell you it goes two
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ways. we will hold the press accountable as well. >> an affable spokesman, he became the president's pitbull. the critique not if it weighs favorably by the boss and things often got heated. >> hold on, hold on. hold on, hold on. i'm trying to answer your question, jonathan. if you can calm down. i appreciate your agenda but the reality is -- no, hold on. report the facts. every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion. republican, democrat, i'm sorry that that disgusts you. >> spicer frequently called the media bias, liberal, and unfair. >> they assume facts and take narratives and continue them with the fact that they are clearly not true. they are clearly trying to draw viewership with a sensationalistic tactic. >> went spicer innocently
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avoided the cameras, "the washington post" inaccurately suggested he hid in the bushes and they had a field day. >> this is perfectly dignified. >> he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad was doing. he brought them in the holocaust center. to make a mistake like this is inexcusable and reprehensible. >> daily briefings were a tv hit but sometimes he got into a linguistic jam and i made him a high profile target for "saturday night live." >> boom, go ahead. >> i wanted to ask about the travel ban on muslims. >> is not a band. it's not a band. at the travel is not a ban. i am your words.
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>> spicer stars seem to dim and he was heckled by jim acosta. >> tell us why you turned the cameras off. why are they off, sean? >> >> james: now the spicer show is ending. a hostile crossfire between the president and the press. he lasted exactly six months. typically in the modern era, press secretaries go off to joint news organizations or p.r. firms. should sans spicer expect those avenues to be open to him? >> sean got a little scuffed up over the last six months. some corporations might shy away. silicon valley not much of a fan of president trump but on the flip side, spicer is famous. i expect you'll get a gig as a cable warrior or even a guest spot on ethanol
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"saturday night live." >> james: fox news has learned secretary of state rex tillerson has decided to impose a complete travel ban on the reclusive dictatorship. it comes in the wake of an american college student dying after 17 months in north korean captivity. he is confident that the u.s. will develop the right approach for dealing with north korean dictator kim jong un. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge brings us the story from aspen, colorado. >> speaking at the aspen security forum, mike pompeo said russia is in serious mess with the u.s. >> i think they find that's something useful to them. >> he also cast doubt on russia's commitment to crush isis in syria. >> have they pursued a serious strategy against isis?
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>> only the most minimal. >> as a senior republican congressman on the health intelligence committee, pompeo was a staunch critic on the nuclear deal with iran. his position has not shifted, likening tehran to a nightmare rental. >> it's like a bad tenant. if you call them and they send a check and it doesn't clear and then the next day, there's an old sofa and you tell them to take it away. >> to build an alliance with the goal state was described by the cia director as a first step in a broader effort to curve iran's nuclear ambitions. the allies cannot afford to repeat the same mistake of the obama administration. >> i do not know what will push them back but i can tell you what won't. continued appeasement. sometimes yes that will require americans taking risk. i'm confident the administration will hopefully be willing to do so.
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>> it's a different story when it comes to north korea and the need to separate its leader from his nuclear ambitions. >> the regime, i am hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system. i'm sure the north korean people are lovely people and would enjoy to see that go as well. >> he said the commander-in-chief presses him on options to deal with a rogue north korea team. >> james: reporting live from colorado tonight, catherine herridge. o.j. simpson's next run to daylight may not be as easy as you think. we have been reporting the football hall of famer was granted parole yesterday after serving nine years in prison for armed robbery but with his complicated past, simpson must follow a strict set of rules in order to remain free. here is jonathan hunt. >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you.
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>> watching o.j. simpson's reaction to this was eerily similar to watching his reaction to this. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> with him becoming a free man, many questions remain about how he will spend the rest of his life. what we know now is this, he will be freed on or just after october the first and he will head for florida rather than stay in nevada. in florida, he may live with his friends, whose wedding he was attending when he decided to organize and take part in the armed robbery that ultimately landed him in prison for nine years. simpson will have strict parole conditions, he cannot drink to excess. in his case, a blood alcohol level no higher than .08. he cannot approach or use illegal drugs. he is banned from using marijuana recreationally and he cannot purchase or have access
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to weapons. the parole order did not specify whether that includes knives. violating any of those orders could send simpson back to nevada to serve the rest of his time. there are those who know him well, including his attorney in the armed robbery trial, who don't believe simpson can stay out of trouble. >> out the, narcissistic side of him will probably not let him follow my advice or the advice that has current lawyers are giving him. >> o.j. simpson will be limited in what he can earn because of the $33.5 million adjustment against him in the civil case that held him liable for the tough death of his ex-wife, nicole brown and her friend, ron goldman. his pension can't be touched so he will likely get by on that reported $25,000 a month.
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james. >> james: jonathan hunt with the o.j. saga. also from out west tonight, a new rebuke of president trump's planned punish sanctuary cities. national correspondent reporting from los angeles. >> i will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families. >> an executive order on immigrations that said sanctuary jurisdictions that fail to comply federal law did not receive federal funds. >> they are giving sanctuary not to law-abiding citizens of our communities, they are providing sanctuaries to criminals. >> in philadelphia, attorney general jeff sessions warned sanctuary cities and their risk of losing federal money. >> they reconsider the harm they are doing to their residents by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement. >> federal challenge william
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morris said the white house cannot put new restrictions on federal money without first going through congress. sessions had argued that the executive order did for all federal money. the judge didn't buy it. >> san francisco went to court walter kunkel claimed arresting illegals won't chicago claimed arresting illegals won't get rid of crime. sanctuary cities are not backing down. >> no mistake, we are not done. >> experts see no end with the standoff. >> this really does impact the opportunity to get cooperation from these local jurisdictions. >> rewrite a more limited executive order, appeal to the ninth circuit court or get a house bill passed in the senate giving the administration specific authority to the to wd
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sanctuary city money. >> james: congress mired in gridlock, how well-prepared are the republican and democratic national committee's? a look at key vital signs for a look at key vital signs for each, when we come
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yeah, and i can watch thee bgame with directv now.?
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oh, sorry, most broadcast and sports channels aren't included. and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. ♪ >> james: republican senator ted cruz says there is still a path to get a health care reform bill passed. there's a little movement tonight and movers and shakers are already moving on with an eye on next year's election. mike emanuel reports from capitol hill. >> democrats are pretty quick to blame republicans for everything these days. >> we don't know what our
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republican friends are planning to build on next week. i hope that many republicans don't know either. >> a real beating, the dnc finished last month $3.3 million in debt. not the kind of person you want on hand headed toward the midterms. it so far this year, the republican national committee has raised $75.4 million while the democrats have raised only 38.1 million. issues like health care have but a black mark on the g.o.p. of this term. health care reform in the senate will be voted on next tuesday but despite years of promises to repeal and replace obamacare, it's not clear if they can get 50 g.o.p. senators to vote yes. paul ryan wants to remind folks that there have been real successes on the hill despite all of the negative press. >> i know it doesn't get much coverage in the media. it's not polarizing but most of what we do in congress is bipartisan. >> health care reform was
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pulled, redone and passed. efforts to retool legislation. >> we've got 45 or 46 yeses now. it's a handful of mel's. i think they have to get ts. they have to. >> major identify items, to be judged after two years and not six months, it will be those accomplishments that will help drive fundraising for the midterms. james. >> james: mike emanuel on capitol hill. stocks were off to this. today. nasdaq and dow. s&p 500 was off. colorado is home to the fantastic mountain peaks but part of the states are experiencing new depth and
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homelessness. officials are trying to do something about that. >> when denver attacked its growing homeless problem with a city camping band, the homeless kicked back. >> it's inhumane, classist answer to a serious social problem. >> david lane hope represent thousands of homeless to block enforcement of the ban. >> i watched them take all my clothes and my bed and everything and threw it in the trash. >> some >> some industries now camp out in the denver public library. the department of housing found nationwide homelessness is down. colorado is up 13%. it denver's economy and population are growing. unemployment is way down and rent is up. the city's housing says three quarters of the homeless work. >> we have a number. service workers. working at construction sites.
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our ballparks and service industry who cannot afford the rent. some blame the homeless epidemic on recreational marijuana. >> basically all they want to do is just come here and a smoke pot. >> there are no hard statistics to back that up but law enforcement says they are dealing with the growing safety issues. storage lockers for those on the street, other cities like seattle and portland are building tiny house villages. >> if it looks that crabby on the outside, and might not look that great on the inside. >> these tactics criminalize homeless nests. they can provide them shelter or they can hunt them down like dogs on the street. >> they need to leave most of their belongings outside and must not be on drugs or alcohol. it james. >> james: thank you so much.
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up next, violence and bloodshed at a place of worship in the holy land. what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight, fox 5 in new york, another train derailment wreaking havoc in the tri-state area. two wheels of a subway car came off in brighton beach brooklyn. the big apple has been plagued by a recent wave of derailment delays. a federal judge is ordering kentucky taxpayers to split the legal bill for the clerk who refused marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she spent five days in jail, the judge says davis was acting on behalf of state government at the time, leaving the bluegrass state on the hook for some $25,000 in legal fees and other costs. it's alive look at chicago from fox 32. a big story there, chicago city council members considering a $39 million settlement involving the windy city red light camera
1:24 am
program, more than 1 million motorists reportedly were qualified for refunds and debt forgiveness. at the city did not provide adequate notice for violators of speed laws and red light signals. that is tonight's live look from outside. we will
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♪ >> james: an earthquake shook resorts in greek and turkey overnight. two tourists were killed. 6.5 magnitude quake, nearly 500 people were injured. the presidents pentagon chief says he believes an isis leader is still alive. james mattis made the comment the pentagon saying he will continue to believe that until he sees the body. russia has claimed for weeks that it killed the terror leader
1:28 am
in an air strike. always troubled relations between israel and the palestinian authorities have reached a boiling point. freeze in contact with israel on all levels, the palestinian president. whether the palestinians intend to hold their long-standing security cooperation with israel, the announcement comes as three palestinians and three israelis were killed and more entered in and around jerusalem today as palestinians protest the latest israeli security measures at a holy site. >> they are asking god to liberate the temple mount and unlock the mosque in the temple city where the controversy continues over israel's decision to leave metal to doctors following last week's deadly attacks in which two officers were killed. thousands of muslim worshipers
1:29 am
gathered outside the agent walls for friday prayers. >> only men from the age and 50 will be allowed around. >> those who aren't allowed in our praying on one side of the gate. police on one side of the wall and they on the other. >> clashes erupted elsewhere in jerusalem and the west bank. three palestinians were killed in the violence, nearly 400 others injured. muslim leaders continue to condemn the use of a metal detector and call for worshipers to stand outside the city gates as a call for protest. >> all the palestinian people rejected this and refused to enter through them. >> the palestinian president called on the trump administration to urge israel to remove the metal detectors or the violence could spiral out of
1:30 am
control. this as an israeli police remain on high alert tonight and protesters continue to gather here outside the lions gate entrance to the old city. >> james: thanks. ♪ >> james: from the holy land back to the homeland, and our focus on faith segment tonight, a new museum to be located just off of washington mall will be dedicated to the bible. religion correspondent takes us on an advanced tour. >> there is no book in history that has been more vilified and influential than the bible. this washington, d.c., museum will look like this. now, it looks and sounds more like this. the museum of the bible will be the longest dedicated to the judeo christian holy book. >> the combined weight is
1:31 am
16 tons. the gutenberg bible, genesis chapter one. >> retail businessman, who put in the construction in washington, d.c. the 430,000 square-foot billion-dollar project. from the glass doors, the first iconic words of the bible "in the beginning... "and then the ubiquitous immaturity of in the garden. in an age of religious strife and fewer people holding the faith doctrine, a museum for the bible is even necessary? >> is the most band and abated and today, it still the best-selling book in the world. >> one section devoted to the bible is in america, the founding fathers. it's words etched in stone on the supreme court building. the library of congress. its influence on world history, cultures, science, art and
1:32 am
literature. it's become one of the goals of the museum is to put the bible back into the center of conversation. >> one curious anecdote. unintentional, it overlooks the capitol building. symbolically sitting in judgment over the house of government. the museum will be open to the public november 17th. >> james: what lets up on the call communication breakdown the white house. sean spicer faces off with the press. we will talk about it with the panel. stay tuned. >> she brings it up every 15 seconds. okay? i should have never said that about him. if the president, if you are listening, i apologize for the 60 it's saying that.
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>> the president obviously wanted to add to it more than anything. i thought it was in the best interest of our communications department and our press organization to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. >> i think there's been at times a disconnect between the way we see the president and how much we love the president and the way some of you perhaps see the president and to use a wall street expression, there might be an arbitrage between how well they are doing and we will work hard to close that spread. >> james: there is an arbitrage strip spread. the first comment from sean spicer is part of a longer interview, an exclusive interview he did with our own sean hannity that will air at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight on "hannity." let's bring in our panel. anna palmer,
1:37 am
charles krauthammer. >> well, sean spicer, we hardly knew you. i feel sorry for sean spicer. his problem was he was just way over his head. this was a guy that with not prepared. if he had thomas jefferson as his president, he would have had a hard time but with someone as mercurial and changeable, i don't think he had any chance at all. it began really badly with the first event. trying to pretend that the crowds at the inauguration -- a trivial issue -- where the largest ever in history. he did it angrily. and then he referred to concentration camps as holocaust centers. this is a man who should not have been in that position. i think he's sort of liberated now. good to be somewhere else.
1:38 am
>> james: anna, it's commonly reported that reince priebus was responsible for bringing in sean spicer. they worked together at the rnc. does this fall of sean spicer move down to the political demerits of reince priebus in the president's eyes? >> every week, wherever there's someone to blame, is this priebus' last week? i do think this a problem for him. does reince priebus remain in that corner chief of staff for the month or does he choose to step down more quickly? >> james: to the new communications director, anthony scaramucci, he had a pretty successful debut in the press briefing room today. he is what he said about his relationship with the white house chief of staff reince priebus. >> we are a little bit like
1:39 am
brothers. we will roughly chop her up once in a while. totally normal for brothers. but he's a dear friend. >> james: i had a brother. i have a brother and two sons. i totally get what you he's tag about. in the same relationship with anthony scaramucci as part of that exclusive "hannity" interview that will be airing tonight. >> when i first came into the rnc, anthony was one of the finance chairman. he was scott walker's finance chairman in wisconsin. you may have seen the clip, i almost worked for anthony after the -- >> james: this raises the question of exactly who works for whom. typically the white house chief of staff is the chief of the staff but that seems less than clear when mr. scaramucci was asked about that today. >> i'm going to let reince priebus answer that.
1:40 am
i am only speaking about my management style. the president said i report to him directly. >> james: what you make of that, byron? >> clearly they treat each other like brothers. he made it clear. he thought he would be reporting to the president directly. >> james: that's unusual, right? >> very unusual. everything about the white house is unusual. i'm not sure it would be that crazy in the context of the white house. it was a pretty good day for the white house. if you remember, it started out with us talking about trump firing prosecutor mueller -- potentially pardoning himself or his family members and it ended up with this shakeup and actually a very post-performance from anthony scaramucci, i think the fact that spicer -- today, maybe it was a little surprising
1:41 am
today but it was a shock because of white house press secretary has to be a good performer on television and especially with this president, he has to be a good performer on television and he just was not a good performer. >> james: anna, should we imagine the set of attributes that scaramucci has brought to this job, he has run a very successful hedge fund, he was involved in the trump campaign, should we imagine he would have greater success than sean spicer? >> i don't know. i think the one question is really out there. anthony scaramucci has never sent strategic messaging. that's a big job. does sean spicer's press team, the communications department, it's an opportunity where they say you know what, i don't want to be working here anymore or does anthony scaramucci bring in his own people? those are the two things i will be watching for. >> james: he mentioned that
1:42 am
dan and hope will stay on staff. >> sarah huckabee sanders will be the one, if they televise briefings, who will be the face of it. it depends -- it's unclear whether that's going to be actually much better. there is work at the white house that the bright house is not doing very much. if he's going to announce acts on wednesday, well, that doesn't happen by accident. there is a communications director planning this kind of stuff. that's what we don't know if scaramucci is going to be able to do. they haven't done that much anyway. >> he is really good on television. he's got a certain charm. he's not adversarial and defensive. when he brought up the brothers, in the long roster of veteran history, there was cain and abel. it doesn't always work out very well. >> james: one individual that
1:43 am
scaramucci will have to contend, someone reportedly dead set against his hiring. stephen bannon. here's how scaramucci addressed that individual. >> stephen is one of the smartest people i know. he's instrumental in us winning the election. he's got a strong personality. i have a strong personality. john wiberg once deceased, said some people grow, other people's wealth. it's a great mind to think about yourself. >> james: perhaps words to live by. we have a bit of breaking news. the judiciary committee says there will be no subpoenas for donald trump, jr., or paul manafort but the statement is released saying both donald trump, jr., and paul manafort through their attorneys have agreed to negotiate to provide the committee with documents and the be interviewed prior to a public hearing. we will not issue subpoenas, a
1:44 am
bit of news on complex investigations we refer to as "the russian story." sit tight, the friday lightning round, the coming clash between the rnc and dnc. what's next for attorney general jeff sessions? of course, as we do on friday, we will have this week's winners and losers. stay with you know what's awesome?
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♪ >> such a fantastic job with the rnc, focusing on the data and mechanics of the election, we have to keep the momentum going and continue to build in states like michigan and wisconsin and keep photos engaged. >> they are going to need some time to put things together and of course donald trump's rnc is
1:48 am
going to out raise the dnc for the next two years. today doesn't matter. two years from now, it will. the democrats are very competitive. >> james: as incumbents and challengers ready themselves for 2018, look at the funding operations of republican and national committees as reflected in their latest sec filings, it shows the rnc outpacing the dnc in several vital areas. most notably cash on hand and total debt. >> i don't think it's surprising that donald trump is not popular in a lot of different areas of the country, is able to be that kind of fundraising heavy weight. the democrats, it's a problem for them but look at that special election rate. the democrats are able to rally around and raised a lot of money. >> james: the raised a lot of money but they didn't win back the race >> .
1:49 am
>> whether they can find a way to close the gap in '18 is very questionable at this point. >> james: regarding placing too much emphasis on reports from the fcc? >> yes. money is not decisive. the rnc has that much more cash on hand but as we just heard from anna, a race can lead back raise a lot of money on each side and that doesn't mean the results will match for 2018 and 2020. >> james: both sides and just about every race have all the nerf guns they need. to speak rnc just blew away the. they say it's all about donald trump. they raise this money with small donors. people who gave less than $200. if you look at june and july,
1:50 am
the rnc doubled what the dnc caught from small donors. this is not fat cat money. it does indicate a couple of things a lot of pro-trump intensity among republicans and also this intensity we have seen in the resistance, the anti-trump resistance. it has not turned into donations for the democratic party. >> james: this being a lightning round, we move with flash like speed. here is the attorney general describing to reporters how he sees the future. >> we love this job. we love this department. i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> how do you feel like you can effectively serve from here on out if you don't have the confidence of the president? >> we are serving right now. at the work we're doing today is the kind of work we intend to
1:51 am
continue. >> james: is jeff sessions, could he have never been truly liberated? every time a decision comes to him, he probably doesn't have to think to himself if this will please or displease the president. >> i disagree. i think he should be concerned about it all the more. he could be dismissed. we have an obligation to the constitution and to the law. on the other hand, you work for the chief executive. that's always a balancing act. i think he has been wounded very badly by what the president said which i think means his tenure is limited. not necessarily immediately but he's a wounded man walking. >> james: does anyone disagree? >> he's wounded but on the other hand, i think we have seen actual conservative support for jeff sessions after this. a lot of conservatives who supported jeff sessions long before they ever thought donald trump was going to run for president.
1:52 am
i was in the green room when it came out, steve king was here and taken aback that trump -- >> he tweeted in his defense. >> exactly. she tweeted that trump's agenda would be crippled without jeff sessions. there are many that are loyal to him. >> james: anna, how do you see the rest of the sessions job? >> he has been wanting this job for his entire career. he's not gonna step down because the president roughed him up a little bit in the process. i do think you will see him continue on immigration ban, the war on drugs, all the things he has been working on his entire time as a prosecutor and at the capitol. >> james: one of the key issues in making these comments about the attorney general was that the decision to recuse himself from the russian investigation. does anyone here believe that the president is right about this and that jeff sessions
1:53 am
would have had any ground to stay right where he was and not recuse himself? >> sessions had no choice. if you know like not saying the truth, his -- >> james: his encounter, i don't know if they were meetings but he was hobbled by that, is that what you are saying? >> yes, that's what i was saying. >> james: winners and losers. >> anthony scaramucci is the winner of the week. is this going to be the one we finally get? he's definitely the winner for me. loser, reince priebus losing sean spicer. not a good position for him to be in. >> james: new yorkers win just because they got a new york accent from anthony scaramucci today. byron. >> obamacare repeal and replace is the winner because it's not dead. every day it's not dead, it's winning a few days ago we were
1:54 am
talking about shoveling dirt on top of it. it's still not dead and probably won't be that way. the loser is justin bieber. we learned he was banned by the chinese government from performing in china. they said they wanted to purify the chinese entertainment industry which might also mean that the chinese people are the winner here. >> james: [laughs] all right. charles. >> loser by far, melissa mccarthy. she lost old spicy. the irony is, she didn't even lose him. she didn't just lose the guy. she killed him. her betrayal was devastating. winner of the week is o.j. simpson. now he can resume his lifelong hunt for the real killers. >> james: oh, man. i like how byron named obamacare repeal as the winner of the week. i'm not sure we actually allow inanimate objects who are not
1:55 am
people to be winners. thank you all, panelists. something new here at "special report," notable quotables. what's that? what's that? stay tuned. my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself.
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>> james: finally tonight, a new friday night feature on "special report" called "notable quotables." we review, take one less savory romp through the best and worst, sharpest and most embarrassment or juiciest thing said here in washington. around the globe. here's our first installment. >> we hope john mccain gets better very soon. he is a crusty voice in washington. plus we need his vote.
1:59 am
>> this is an epic fail. >> i opposed jeff sessions, but let's be clear. recusing himself is simply following the law. >> it's been a difficult situation, maybe not as bad as jfk. >> john roberts was bored today, he's headed out. >> i spent a conflict free life. >> is a possible there was a civilization on mars thousands of years ago? >> i would say that is extremely unlikely. >> james: it's not inconceivable, those folks would have the answer to that question. all the same, we will just keep an open mind about that question. that's going to do it for "special report." i am sitting in for bret baier, thank you so much. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum is next.
2:00 am
stick around for 4:10 p.m., where sean hannity will have an interview with sean spicer and reince >> sean: tonight. >> i would like to read a statement from the president on the resignation of sean spicer. >> sean: change comes to the white house. press secretary sean spicer resigned. >> he is a true american patriot. he is a military serviceman. he has a great family. he has done an amazing job. >> sean: and anthony scaramucci is named communications director. >> as candidates i would like to be with you guys. it feels like there is a lot of media bias. >> sean: how all these moves impact the trump administration? >> there has been some speculation about me and priebus. we are a little bit like brothers, but we were up each other up a little bit. >> sean: sean spicer and reince priebus will join us tonight